We roast coffee in a 103 year old shed with creaky floorboards and rusty tin. By converting the inside shed into a commercial space with upcycled stainless steel, rebuilt and modified coffee equipment, we created a roastery by hand on a small budget.

Want to taste the coffee and not the roaster?

Conventional roasters use gas for creating the heat to roast the beans, we use air. Gas is a finite resource, has high embodied energy and gas by-products attach to the beans which are simply not good for your health.

Air roasted coffee is not common in Australia; we want you to know why it’s so good!

Micheal Sivetz (1922 – 2012) was fascinated with coffee quality and coffee technology, he invented the fluid bed roasting process in 1975. He also wrote what most people consider the coffee bible. Fluid bed air roasters float the beans in a bed of hot air. This allows the pure and natural flavours (of which there are 800+ individual components) to arise, without scorching or burning the beans.

Our unconventional roaster not only runs on 100% solar energy and hot air directly generated from the sun, but it also allows the beans to roast to an even and consistent perfection.

We roast every batch by hand in Sheffield Tasmania!

Our roaster only uses hot air which provides a very clean and natural roasting process:

Without: any flavour contamination from smoke as a result from burning chaff which is common in conventional drum roasters.

Without: any tar deposits on the surface of the beans resulting from continuously touching hot surfaces as is the case in drum roasters.

Without: any increased carbonization of compounds (which can cause adverse health effects) from restricted availability of oxygen during combustion of gas in drum roasters.

Sivetz’s fluid bed air roasting machines are much more energy efficient than drum roasters. They also allow you to monitor roasting profiles without having to take a sample, which enhances consistency between roasts and provides instant control over flavour development.