The story behind the beans

The Advocate 2021

Green beans from the Himalayas

After Cyriel spend some time with small holder farmers in Nepal in 2011, he found out they were growing coffee the natural way below trees. These farmers were organic by default because they know that working with mother nature is more economically viable in the long run.

Cyriel grew up on an organic farm and has a background in environmental science, he knew that this way of farming was a good thing to support.

The farmers indicated that market access was the main thing they struggled with... Himalaya organic coffee was born in 2011.

A couple of hundred coffees later, Cyriel managed to get some crowd funding together and bought a 1000kg of green beans, making history by importing the first pallet of coffee from Nepal into Australia.

He reckoned if nobody liked to drink it, he would at least have his own supply for the rest of his life!

Inherent to supporting small scale certified organic farming, the production volumes were limited and they had to start looking at other similar cooperatives of small organic farmers to cater to demand.

The name changed accordingly to Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co in 2016, reflecting the range of micro lot single origins they’re currently importing and roasting from different countries.

The first beauty.

Land Rover

Wholesaling coffee meant that Cyriel never really got to meet many of the people that enjoyed his coffee.

One day he found a 60 year old land rover sitting in a paddock and a long love/hate relationship developed which is still going strong to this day.

Cyriel wanted to serve coffee from a vehicle that looked like it had actually gone to the Himalayas to pick up the green beans, the Land Rover coffee van was born.

In order to reflect the story of traceability that Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co stands for, he got stuck into restoring Land Rover/s on the weekends.

... And the second, most recent addition. June 2023

You can find us at the Devonport Markets every second Saturday from 8am - 12pm at 86A Gunn Street, Devonport.

We are serving our certified organic coffee on certified organic local milk, certified organic mylk alternatives aswell as certified organic hot chocolate, certified organic tea and certified organic home made whole foods.

Whole food delights! Certified organic treats to suit everyone.