Let's reimagine what coffee can be...

Empowering you to make positive change is what drives us.

We are the only certified organic coffee roaster in lutruwita / Tasmania that is 100% solar powered and zero waste.

Why Coffee?

One coffee may not make much of a difference, but over time it adds up. Cyriel has consumed over 11000 cups of coffee so far which is about 200L of coffee.

When you look at your own consumption in the long run, you have a significant impact on what gets grown where (local and seasonal or high food miles) and how (monoculture or permaculture) and whom (multinational or small farmers) gets to benefit.

The way we produce food needs to change. There are lots of people who want to make a difference and so, here we are.

We believe that the consumer is responsible for the world we live in. So long as there is a choice of products with genuine claims, one purchase can make a difference.

By using the market as a mechanism for sustainable development, you can use your power as a consumer and create the world you want to see.

A cup of coffee is a great place to start!

Land Rover coffee van

Experience the enchantment of a 60-year-old Land Rover transformed into a delightful café on wheels, the only off-grid four wheel drive coffee van in Tassie.

Savour organic coffee while relishing the charm of this beauty saved from the paddock by Cyriel. We offer a range of warm beverages and whole food treats.

You can find us serving coffee and treats at the Devonport Showgrounds, 86A Gunn Street, Devonport, every second Saturday, 8am - 12pm.

For bookings or events please contact us directly.


We roast coffee in a 103 year old shed with creaky floorboards and rusty tin. By converting the inside into a commercial space with upcycled stainless steel and fitting it with rebuild and modified coffee equipment, we created a roastery by hand on a small budget.

Want to taste the coffee and not the roaster?

Conventional roasters use gas for creating the heat to roast the beans, we use air. Gas is a finite resource, has high embodied energy and gas by-products attach to the beans which are simply not good for your health.

What makes us different?

1. Being fully certified organic from crop to cup and from head to toe.

2. Communicating directly with the cooperatives of small farmers to create a relationship for direct trade of green beans.

3. Building the roastery in an old shed from mostly upcycled second hand equipment.

4. Being fully solar powered from 35kw of solar panels.

5. Roasting by hand on demand using a unique air roasting technique which doesn’t use gas.

6. Using home compostable packaging (not merely biodegradable or compostable under industrial conditions).

7. Eliminating plastics in our workplace and all our other environments.

8. Using a second hand electric car for commuting.

9. Old Land Rovers as coffee vans fitted out with old coffee equipment which we rebuild/modify ourselves. This eliminates the embodied energy from unnecessary production of new stuff.

10. Being affordable for the locals and empowering them to create positive change.

Our customer feedback...

"I did not know coffee grew in Nepal. Drinking Himalayan coffee was a refreshing change to my morning coffee!" David

"Excellent roast with a mild flavored bean for those who love coffee in its purest form." Daniel Russell Rocky Cape Company

"Thank you for the coffee! We have been enjoying it every morning. The smell of it is divine. And the flavour is delicious." Elizabeth

"Hi there, just have bought a bag of your medium roast coffee beans fron Corinne at Billy Hill Organics. We are totally impressed with this coffee - just one of the best ever tried. What's more, extremely impressed with your whole business model and your ethics in regards to environmental and social sustainability." Petcheys Bay Organic Farm